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How Long Does It Take To Install Windows 10

How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10

How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10 How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10


If you are wondering how long does it take to install Windows 10, then read along as I explain the different variables that could affect the time it takes to complete your installation.

Windows 10 is one of the most widely used operating systems; Microsoft, an American-based company, released it to the public back in 2015 to upgrade their previous model, Windows 8.1.

In 2021, it is recorded that 79% of Windows PC users have updated their computers to Windows 10, making it the most popular version of Windows around the world as well as the best.

Being the best operating system in the market, let's discuss how long does it take to install windows 10.


How Long Does It Take to Install Windows 10

The speed of the installation depends on several different factors:

Hard Drive

Normally installing Windows 10 should not take more than three hours, but your computer's hard disk determines the speed.

Users with a standard Hard Disk Drive can take from one to two hours. 

If you have a Solid State Drive, the then waiting period is much shorter. They are 10 times faster than the standard Hard Disk and can get your computer up and running in 10 to 15 minutes.

Be aware while installing Windows 10 to an older model computer, not only will it take a longer than normal waiting time, it can cause damage to the Hard Disk. Consider consulting Microsoft Support before installing Windows 10.

Computer's Age 

As mentioned above, users with older models are advised to consult with an expert to check if they can download Windows 10 without risking their Hard Drive. Newer computers are all compatible and are faster when it comes to downloading Windows 10. 


Depending on your RAM, Random Access Memory, the speed of the installation could take longer. If there is not enough of it, the processor can be slow and sluggish. So make sure to check how much RAM your computer has and if it is not enough, consider upgrading it before making the change. The extra RAM will help increase the performance of your computer, and it will make it a lot quicker to install your new Windows 10.

Internet Speed

Your internet speed is crucial in determining how long it takes to install windows 10. To determine how fast you can download it, look at your internet download speed, the megabits per second (Mbps); a good internet speed should range from 60 to 10 Mbps. The size of Windows 10 is about 3.5 GB, so if you are downloading at the speed of 50 Mbps, it should take 30 to 45 minutes.

Note: Once the download is complete, the installation starts to upgrade, and all the factors mentioned above determine how long it takes to install windows 10.

Before You Start

Before you start:

  • Make sure to free up space on your PC.
  • Back up all the data available in the Cloud or an external device.
  • Update the driver on the device.
  • Make sure to have a stable internet connection.

Do not plan to install your new Windows 10 during your coffee break, start in the evening, and let it take all the time it needs without rushing it and dream of all the new features you will wake up to in the morning.