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Where Can I Watch Venom

Where Can I Watch Venom?

Where Can I Watch Venom? Where Can I Watch Venom?


If you love action-packed superhero movies, then you need to check out Venom. It has Ruben Fleischer as the director and is packed with A-list movie stars like Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, and Michelle Williams. This movie is based on one of Marvel’s comics, “Venom.”

The story goes on to relay the story of Eddie Brock, a journalist, who gains superpower abilities after being bonded with a symbiote. The anti-hero realizes that he has to protect others from villains and stop them from achieving their evil plans.


This story could be considered one of Marvel’s most complex and arguably greatest characters. Eddie Brock is a failed investigative journalist who is obsessed with attempting to take down the creator of the Life Foundation, Carlton Drake. He attempts to bring down the foundation over some allegations and ends up ending his career and his relationship with his girlfriend, Anne Weying.

A few months later, he is invited into the foundation by one of the leading scientists. During his visit, on his investigation, he uncovers unethical experimentation on humans and stumbles upon one of Drake’s experiments, an alien called Symbiote.

The Symbiote, Venom, attaches itself to Eddie’s body, and he instantly gains extraordinary abilities. He now has the power to do whatever he wants; he is now unpredictable and full of rage.

While Eddie is struggling to control his abilities and is trying to keep the organism alive, the earth faces imminent danger as Drake is planning to turn humans into an army of full Symbiote.

Eddie and Venom are now part of each other to achieve what they are looking for; as they become more intertwined, one question needs to be answered: Can Eddie survive the Venom within him.

Got you intrigued? While I cannot answer the existential question for you, I can answer where can I watch Venom?

Who doesn’t remember that signature line from the comic when he suddenly realizes they both become one and states, “We..... Are Venom” 

Where Can I Watch Venom? 

There are several popular streaming services out there, and understandably you do not have a subscription to all of them. To make it easier for you, I listed the most widely used streaming platforms and mentioned whether or not they have it. 

Where can I watch Venom on Hulu?

For all the Hulu subscribers out there, you will be disappointed; as of October 2021, Venom is unavailable on Hulu. And there has been no announcement of it showing on their platform anytime soon.

So instead, you can watch Demon Slayer on Hulu.

Where can I watch Venom on Amazon prime?

Venom is not included in Amazon Prime’s regular subscription, but you can access it from their on-demand content. On-demand gives you the option of either renting or buying the movies; buying it will cost you $9.99. You can also opt to rent in HD for $3.99, and this will give you 30 days to start watching the movie.

If you are looking for something within your Amazon Prime subscription and are in the mood to get spooked, check out The Nun.

Where can I watch Venom on Disney+? 

Disney+ has a variety of superhero movies; unfortunately, Venom does not cut this list. So far, there has been no official announcement by Disney+ of it coming to their platform anytime soon. 

Where can I watch Venom on Netflix?

Yes, Venom is available on Netflix, but there’s a catch. You can only watch it in specific countries like Canada, Australia, Iceland, and Turkey. 

If you live outside of these countries, don’t fret, there is a way to gain access from anywhere worldwide.

Netflix uses geo-blocking, which is how different content is shown in each region. 

How to Watch Venom Anywhere?

If you have Netflix and are struggling with geo-blocked content, a VPN could help you watch any show you want. 

VPN allows you to hide your actual IP address and replace it with a fake one. So you are essentially making Netflix believe you are in a different country. 

Where can I watch Venom? 
You can watch it from Netflix from anywhere; all you have to do is:
1. Choose a reliable VPN and sign-up for it. 
2. Download the VPN to a device. 
3. Start the app and log in. 
4. Choose the server that allows you access to the blocked content you want.
5. Now, Venom will appear on your search. 

Can I use a free VPN?

Free VPNs are everywhere, and while it might save you a few bucks, you won’t get what you need, especially when it comes to streaming. 

There are a few reasons why free VPNs are not suitable for streaming: 

  1. They have a limit on how much data can be transferred in a specific time frame.
  2. They do not own a lot of servers.
  3. The internet is not fast enough to load a movie or show.
  4. Netflix and other streaming services put in a lot of effort to block VPNs from accessing their geo-restricted content, so only specific VPNs with paid services can do the job.

 So a free VPNs are not the best option when it comes to streaming. If you are unfamiliar with VPNs and you’re struggling to choose the right one, check out our recommended VPNs.

Recommended VPNs

Here are our top picks to help maximize your streaming experience. 

1. CyberGhost


There’s nothing worse than having your movie reload every few minutes because of the internet speed. So when it comes to speed, CyberGhost is fast enough for streaming, torrenting, gaming, and bypassing geo-restrictions.

CyberGhost works perfectly for bypassing geo-restrictions. In addition, they have more than 6,700 servers distributed in 90 different countries, so you will have a wide range of servers to choose from.

CyberGhost VPN uses military-grade 256-bit encryption on all its servers. This encryption provides top-level security. Governments use this type of encryption to protect their classified information.

The long-term plan with CyberGhost saves you a lot of money; for $87.75, you get 39 months. But, if you’re worried about the commitment, you can get the one-month plan for $12.99.

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2. Private Internet Access


This VPN has the highest number of servers, with over 35,000 servers across 77 countries. 

They also offer an automatic kill switch which will keep you safe if your internet connection suddenly stops. 

This VPN has only been proven to unblock Netflix USA, UK, and Australia. So make sure to check which servers are essential to you before buying a subscription. 

Their best plan is the two-year plan for $69.95 ($2.69/month). Even though there’s no free trial, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to decide. 


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3. SurfShark

Surshark has a large number of servers

Which is about 3.200 servers distributed in 65 countries. The number of servers is an important aspect to consider when choosing a VPN service provider because the more servers they own, the faster your browsing experience will be. Most of their servers are located within the U.S, but they also have servers in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Along with speed, they also take safety seriously; they provide the AES 256-bit encryption. This military-grade encryption is used to secure all traffic that is sent through the servers. With this, you have a safe and secure connection that not only allows you to spoof your location but also keeps all your internet traffic private.

The two-year plan charges you $59.76; this is relatively cheaper than other VPN services.


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